“The most cost-effective and efficient n95 respirator”

Yichita N95 face masks are NIOSH approval, and also have other certifications, some can be used for sugical and medical usage. And also it’s most economical and cost-effective for clinics and nurses 

— Amy E. Wong (Head nurse) 

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“I couldn’t be happier with my shopping experience for YQD95 N95 masks in YICHITA online store. The comfortable textile of the respirators is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your quick response and for providing me with the peace of mind that comes with proper protection. Highly recommended!”

Janie / Facebook KOL

“Thank you so much for the exceptional service! The N95 masks I ordered turned out to be very good black N95 masks. Your quick shipment and commitment to providing reliable protection are highly commendable. I’m grateful to have found your store!”

Alek / Teacher

“Wearing a real N95 mask is the most useful way to protect yourself from nasty particles and respiratory infections. Procuring from here is a good shopping experience. Appreciate it.

Frey / Truck driver